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Nowadays everyone has all of the cool home studio gear...but NOT everyone knows how to use it. Record from YOUR home studio and sound just like the PROS!!!

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Pro-Level Sessions From Home is taught by pro-musicians w/REAL credits:


Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Babyface, David Foster, Carrie Underwood, Charlie Puth, Sting, and more!



You Won’t Miss A Beat As We Take You Behind The Scenes To Reveal How To Produce Tracks For Major Label Artists & Big Hollywood Studios…

And How You Can Use These Secrets To Instantly Level-Up Your Music Career, Working From The Comfort of Your Home! 



If you’d like to record pro-level tracks at home that sounds like anything coming out of million-dollar studios, and level-up your music career almost instantly…

And you’d like to do it WITHOUT dropping a small fortune on gear…

Then you’re in the right place…

Hi, I’m Nomad.

And you have definitely heard my music.

I've been heavily active in the music industry since the '90s, and have worked for countless celebrity artists, like Stevie Wonder, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Leslie Odom Jr., Lalah Hathaway, KEM, Colbie Caillat, Kirk Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Sting, David Foster, and many others.

My guitar playing has been featured in movies like Happy Feet 1 & 2, The Lorax, Men In Black 3, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and many more!

I've worked in many of Hollywood's major studios, and continue to make a very comfortable living as a career musician.

But what may surprise you is, many of my recent credits, including those for major label artists and big TV/movie projects, have been produced right here in my home studio!

More on this in a minute, but first…

Ever Wonder How The Pros Capture That Clean,

Rich Sound With Clarity And Punch?


Vocals that are both warm and dynamic.

Guitars that sparkle.

Drums that perfectly complement the track.

These are the hallmarks of the music you hear on the radio, streaming services, video games, and in television and movies.

If your tracks and mixes don’t sound professional, or you ever find yourself scratching your head over things like…

  • Vocals getting buried (While p’s and b’s explode through the mic!) 

  • Unbalanced mixes (With keys or guitars in your face, but other instruments sounding like they were recorded down the hall)

  • Mood-setting intros hitting with the same intensity as the chorus

  • Buzzing, crackling, and other “white noise” you can’t figure out

I can assure you the difference is not a million dollars worth of expensive equipment.

The Answer Is Something

Most Indie Musicians Overlook...


Knowing (and applying) professional recording principles.

Because, when you do, great things become possible – even with limited equipment.

In fact, since the invention of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and knowing how to properly maximize their features, anyone can produce high-quality music and compete with major studios right from the comfort of their own home.

It doesn’t even matter what DAW you use, as long as you use it well.

With that in mind…

We recently recorded a series of video tutorials called 

Pro-Level Sessions from Home


They’re designed to show any artist or producer, of any level, how I achieve the kind of quality sound that keeps my TV, movie, and major label clients coming back for more… Without leaving the comfort of my home studio.

We cover genres like rock, pop, folk pop, urban country, hard rock, hip hop, indie rock, latin, trap and more…

You’ll “look over my shoulder” as we record actual tracks for real clients. 

You’ll learn the entire process step by step, as well as countless tips and tricks to make your life easier (and your recordings better).

We’ll talk about remote recording for…

  • Voice 

  • Keyboards

  • Guitars

  • Bass

  • Drums (programmed and live acoustic drums)

We’ll cover exactly how sessions are conducted in major commercial studios, and how to apply those methods to your home setup. 

Knowing these secrets will instantly separate you from almost every other session musician, producer or artist out there, helping you stand out and get your music noticed.

Whether your goal is to produce your own music, music for others as a session musician, or just collaborate with friends — you’ll be set up for efficient, pro-level sessions that keep clients calling you back! 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never recorded, either…


If you have a passion for music, and a willingness to try new things, the secrets you’ll find in the course will be a game-changer for you.

You don’t need any engineering experience.

You don’t need to go into debt buying fancy gear, or renting time in an expensive studio.

Pro-Level Session From Home gives you the skills you need to build a sustainable career for many years to come.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how you can uncover these secrets at absolutely NO RISK.

First, to help you decide if it’s a “fit”…

Here’s A “Sneak Preview” Of Topics Covered Inside

Pro-Level Sessions From Home:


  • Breakthrough solutions for producing pro-level music at home…no fancy equipment needed! (It’s not the gear, it’s what you do with it! In these “no holds barred” sessions, I’ll reveal every trick I know about producing top tier music in your home studio)

  • A simple “gear checklist” of exactly what you need to get started (Great news: you don’t need much to steer you in the right direction!)

  • A highly effective way to attract repeat business (It’s easy to do, yet this simple habit goes along way to building trust and helping you stand out)

  • 3 secrets nobody told you about managing your music like a business (This is critical if you want a sustainable career!)

  • 15 “must-know” words and phrases for high-level producing (Get familiar with the language used by the major studios and you’ll have a huge leg up on most other artists)

  • Two highly effective ways to edit your music (Also, how to clean up your recording without losing the vibrant, “live” feel)

How To Record All Types of Guitars with Nomad:


If you’ve ever wondered what goes into tracking for famous artists and big Hollywood productions, you won’t want to miss this rare “behind the scenes” look of how to record guitars for A-list clients.

Here’s a brief “trailer” of what you can expect:


And we’re just getting warmed up…

Here are a few more secrets you’ll find in the course: 

  • A simple “crash course” on tracking and editing acoustic guitars (These methods apply to any audio recording, not just guitar. We’ll cover punching in, cleaning up audio clips, fades and crossfades, pre-mixing, bouncing and exporting)

  • Professional techniques for arranging and editing multiple parts (These are the “juicy” secrets that will put you head and shoulders above most other producers out there)

  • A secret to getting crisp, clean guitar sounds (I’ve used this little-known trick in many of my most widely recognized guitar parts)

  • A simple rule you must follow when evaluating your mixes (Everything becomes easier when you understand this key principle)

  • Tips to make your singer feel comfortable and get the most out of their performance (Hear from an “insider” on common studio etiquette for treating a guest singer)

  • Why you’re only limited by your creativity when recording (Never let a lack of gear or anything else stop you. As you’ll see, methods may change, but principles remain the same!)

  • Very simple technique to clean up vocal tracks (Get that professional sound in a few easy steps)

How To Record Vocals and

Handle Guest Artists with Nomad & Lola:


We cover every aspect of tracking, editing, and polishing your vocals until they are undeniably crisp, clear, and dynamic.

Watch a sample clip from the training below:


And we’re STILL not finished…

Here are a few more tips and tricks waiting for you inside:

  • 5 pillars to recording metal guitars!🤘 (Everything from the correct usage of effects pedals to microphone placement for amplifiers. Get a clean signal and a super tight sound!)

  • 6 keys to live multi-tracking…duo, trio, or band! (Watch us record with a guitar, keyboard, and singer…and get step-by-step instructions on setup and other techniques)

  • Exactly what to say to other musicians to record on their songs (Here’s how to get music to work with and hone your chops if you’re just getting started)

  • 3 critical elements to delivering your work to a client (Miss even one of these, and you risk losing the repeat business)

  • A detailed breakdown of the documents and forms you’ll need if you want to work professionally (Also, the benefits of unions, and why you may want to consider joining)

  • A simple website that lets you keep track of all your records and song splits (A game-changer if you plan to collaborate with other writers, or license your music)

  • 4 keys to success when recording drums (Richie Pena, one of the industry’s most sought after programmers and drummers, reveals his 4 biggest success secrets)

How To Properly Record Drums with

Drummer To The Stars, Richie Peña: 


In this module, Richie Peña demystifies the entire process, and shows you how it can also be fun!

Here’s a two-minute preview:


Alright, let’s keep going with more of the “goodies” you’re getting in Pro-Level Sessions From Home: 

  • The secret of "white glove service" and how to keep clients coming back! (Discover how I make every aspect of working with me fun yet professional)

  • How to get an awesome steel-string guitar sound (From controlling your harmonics to using a capo, to the different types of picks…I’ll cover everything you need to know!)

  • 4 quick-start steps to setting up a drum session (Legendary drummer, Richie Pena, reveals every microphone he uses along with proper placement for every aspect of his drum kit…including adding room mics!)

  • 5 essentials for hard rock drums (Discover how to capture a killer hard-rock drum performance, from start to finish)

  • The vital importance of microphone “bleed” to capturing a whole drum set (Plus, a simple way to clean it up for a tighter sound)

  • The "2 out of 3" rule for marketing yourself to clients (Also helpful in defining your unique selling point and setting your prices!)

  • 3 simple rules for reaching pro-level mastery while recording at home (Follow these and it will only be a matter of time before you enjoy the success you want) 


How To Record Keyboards With Pro Music Producer And Mix Engineer Erik-G!


And that’s not all.

When you order Pro-Level Session From Home, you’ll ALSO discover:

  • 6 steps to creating templates for faster session prep in the future 

  • How to troubleshoot feedback from guitar pickups

  • The “no sweat, no brainer” way to find the right bass tone 

  • 4 “musts” for MIDI Programming in a hip-hop setting

  • The correct way to use sample libraries

  • 6 secrets to recording acoustic guitars that have a line output

  • How to get proper room acoustics for recording a solo singer

  • A special way to get that crisp, clean, full sound when recording acoustic guitars

  • And much, much more! 

Pro-Level Sessions From Home is designed to demystify the entire process, soup to nuts, so anyone can produce high-level music quickly, with minimal hassle, and without pricey gear.

Bottom line…

If You Want To Level-Up Your Career, Get Noticed,
And Work With The Best Clients…

The Best Way Is Simply To
Produce Better Quality Music!


So, what’s the investment?

For many, it’s tens of thousands of dollars and a year of recording school, however, with Pro-Level Sessions From Home, you will learn the fastest and simplest way to produce pro-quality music with minimal gear.

But you don’t have to pay thousands today.

Pro-Level Sessions From Home retails for a low, one-time investment of just $997, and at that price, it’s a steal!

Order today, you’ll get instant access to everything in the course at $997, or to take advantage of our easy-pay payment plan.

The best part is, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected by…

Our “Pro-Level Sessions” Money-Back Guarantee!


Here’s how it works…

Take the tutorials at your leisure for the next 30 days…

If, at any point, you don’t think this is some of the best recording instruction you’ve ever seen…if you don’t produce a higher-quality sound as soon as your next track…

If you’re not absolutely loving Pro-Level Sessions From Home for any reason whatsoever…

Simply send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll promptly return every penny you paid straight to your credit card.

No questions asked.

The course will either be everything I promise (and more), or you don’t pay. 

It’s that simple. 

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The course and bonuses can be viewed on any Mac or PC computer, even your smartphone. 

All of which means you could be uncovering these secrets just minutes from now (even if it’s the middle of the night)!

What I’m offering you is an opportunity to get on the Fast Track… Today!

You can either continue as you have been, and take months (or years) — like I did — to figure this all out, or you can learn how to do it in just a matter of days.

You’ll avoid the costly mistakes I made…

And level up both your music and your career as soon as today.

I'm super passionate about guiding the next generation of musicians to their destination. 

That's why I created this program; to empower you with the strategies you need to finally build a sustainable career, once and for all!

Order right now while this is on your mind — you won’t regret it!

- NOMAD   

P.S. Remember, I’ve got you covered with my Pro-Level Sessions From Home Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not 100% delighted, thrilled, and over-the-moon excited about what you find in the course, you can request a refund anytime within the next 30 days, and still we’ll part as friends.

I want you to feel totally comfortable knowing you have nothing to lose, because I’m convinced once you see what I have for you, you’ll be so thankful you took the leap!

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Here's What Others Are Saying


“I have had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with Nomad many, many times. It is always a musical and personal treat. He’s an incredible and inspiring guitarist

As I was cruising through some of The Career Musician Podcast episodes, I realized just how deep music runs through his veins and how incredibly knowledgeable he is; not only of all things musical, but of life and how to squeeze the most out of it.

I’m always suspicious of someone writing a “How To” book because so many “authors” on this subject have not walked the walk. However, Nomad has been in the hot seat for decades. He’s been where many musicians and performers want to go. He’s believable because he has lived it and has all the credentials to back it up. 

Nomad is the real deal and you can quote me on that!”

 - David Foster

Celebrated Composer, Producer, and Music Executive



"Nomad is one of today's top guitarists. His style and influences transcend to consistent and great performances every time.”

- Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

Grammy Award-Winning Producer and Songwriter



“Nomad is expressive, emotional, and inventive on the six string. He’s in a class all his own and it’s been a real honor and privilege to collaborate with him over the years. I’m lucky to know him.”

- Leslie Odom Jr.

Tony and Grammy Award-Winning Performer


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